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    Studio mit zwei Schlafzimmern
    Studio mit zwei Schlafzimmer
    Studio mit zwei Schlafzimmer
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    Apartment mit zwei Schlafzimmern
    Apartment mit zwei Schlafzimmern
    Apartment mit zwei Schlafzimmern
    Apartment mit Schlaf- und Wohnzimmer
    Apartment mit Schlaf- und Wohnzimmer
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Services offered by the campus apartments Göttingen

In addition to modern and contemporary furnished rooms, you will find additional services for a pleasant stay. We will be happy to help you, just contact us.

Parking lot:
Our hotel has its own parking lot, which can be added depending on capacity. Access to the parking lot is possible only through a barrier system. Parking is free of charge for you. On the whole area the StVO is valid. The property as well as the parking areas are private property; these are subject to our house right. The instructions of the hotel staff regarding parking regulations and the parking of your car must be followed. Escape and rescue routes are marked as such and must be kept clear at all times. Illegally or incorrectly parked cars will be removed at your expense. The parking of your vehicle is at your risk, the hotel assumes no liability for damage caused to you and/or your car during the parking period. The use of the hotel’s own parking lot does not entail any insurance claims. Other public parking spaces are located within walking distance of the hotel.

If you have booked a parking space, you will receive a remote control in addition to your key. With this you open the barrier system.

Bicycle garage:
Our house has a lockable bicycle garage located on the premises, which can and should be gladly used by our guests. If you bring a bicycle or have one available on site, please let us know so that we can arrange access to the parking space for you.

At this point, we would like to expressly point out that the parking of bicycles and comparable mobile vehicles in our house and especially in the apartments is prohibited, as this creates an above-average strain on the building fabric, as well as escape and rescue routes may possibly be impaired in their function.

W-Lan access:
You have unrestricted W-Lan access throughout the building. Please activate the W-Lan in your mobile device. You received the access data with your check-in mail.

You will receive new towels twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). Please put the used towels in the laundry basket provided. If you do not need intermediate cleaning, the towels can not be exchanged. Of course, you can request additional towels or a separate change of bed linen from the office team (subject to a fee).

In your apartment you will find a fully equipped kitchen with a complete set of dishes. Should anything be broken or missing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to change them or immediately provide for renewal.

Cleaning service:
An intermediate cleaning (vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, making the beds) will be done every two weeks during your stay. Upon request, we will also be happy to have your room cleaned additionally.

Laundry service:
On request, we can organize a cleaning service for your laundry. Please ask for the costs at the office. In the house you will find washing machines and dryers. You can get the tokens from the cleaning team or from the office team for 5,00 Euro each in a set (washing machine and dryer) Drying of laundry in the hallways or rooms is not allowed.

Waste disposal:
Waste containers are located in front of the main entrance of the „campus apartments“. On the day of departure at the latest, we ask you to dispose of your trash accordingly. Should your room be soiled beyond measure, we will charge you separately for the effort. Improper disposal and resulting damage to the building or damage to the disposal channels, we will charge you according to actual expense and loss of occupancy.

If the fire alarm sounds with a loud beep, please leave your room and the Boardinghouse immediately. Escape route maps can be found on your room door. Please note that in the event of an emergency, only the stairs are valid as an escape route and the elevator will be blocked. Emergency exits are marked accordingly. The emergency numbers 110 and 112 are known throughout Germany. For technical emergencies (elevator rescue, breakdown or power failure, door openings, etc.), outside the opening hours of the reception, a responsible employee is available under the emergency number +49 (0) 551 30678690. Please note that door openings due to forgotten/lost keys are subject to a charge (25.00 euros).

Gastronomy & Delivery Service

After a long day at university, at work or after a seminar you would like to party and go dancing? Or simply have a delicious meal? Göttingen offers a variety of restaurants, bars and pubs. We have compiled a small selection for you here.

You can find a complete list at: https://www.goettingen-tourismus.de/ (only german)  

At the provider „Lieferando“ you will find a variety of different delivery offers.

The Town Göttingen

Göttingen is located on the Leinegraben on the border of the Leine-Ilme depression with the Göttingen Forest and is flowed through in a south-north direction by the Leine, the northern district of Weende by the Weende, several northeastern city areas by the Lutter and several western city areas by the Grone. A few kilometers further north, the Nörtener Wald forest adjoins. On the southern outskirts of Göttingen lies the Göttinger Kiessee, fed by the waters of the Leine, and three kilometers to the south is the Rosdorfer Baggersee.

The area belonging to Göttingen lies at 138 to 427 meters above sea level west of the mountains Kleperberg (332 m) and Hainberg (315 m), with the Mackenröder Spitze (427 m) on the eastern border of the Göttinger Wald being Göttingen’s highest mountain. In the city area as well as to the west of the Leine, with districts of the same name, lie the Hagenberg (also called Kleiner Hagen; 174 m) and about 2 km south of it the gentle elevation of the Egelsberg. Knutberg (363 m) and Kuhberg (288 m) rise at the western city limits.

The actual population of Göttingen is difficult to determine. Only about half of Göttingen’s students are registered as main residents, which means that the city’s actual population is probably about 132,000 (2014).


Göttingen has a history of more than 1000 years. In a document of Emperor Otto I, „Gutingi“ is mentioned for the first time in 953. Around the year 1200, Göttingen gained city rights. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the city experienced its first heyday, among other things as a member of the Hanseatic League. Later, economic decline, political quarrels and the turmoil of war caused the former trading metropolis to sink into a sleepy little country town.

It was not until the founding of the Georg August University by the Elector of Hanover of the same name in 1734 that a new upswing was brought about. Soon the Georgia Augusta was the most visited university in Europe. The „Göttingen Seven“ became a household name in 1837, when seven professors of the Georgia Augusta protested against the breach of the Hanoverian constitution by King Ernst August. As a result, they were deprived of their posts and partially expelled from the country. The list of well-known personalities, including more than 40 Nobel Prize winners, who studied, taught or worked in Göttingen is long. Today it comprises 14 faculties with about 24,000 students. Of great importance to Göttingen are the partnerships that

the city has entered into since World War II with Cheltenham in Great Britain (1951), with Torun/Thorn in Poland (1978) and Pau in France (1982). There is a town friendship with Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt and a solidarity agreement was signed with La Paz Centro in Nicaragua in 1989.

The old town center, surrounded by the medieval ramparts, is home to several well-preserved or restored buildings. The landmark of the university town of Göttingen is the Gänseliesel on the market fountain in front of the Old Town Hall. Actually just a poor girl tending her geese, the Art Nouveau figure has long been the favorite of all newly graduated doctors. They press a kiss on its bronze cheek – as is the custom – after it has passed its exams, thus making it the „most kissed girl in the world“.

Parks and gardens

The city forest:The Kerstlingeröderfeld is certainly worth a trip for every nature lover. You can get there on a direct route via Hollandsgrund and then right via Borheckstraße. (approx. 3 km). If you are interested in the geology around Herberhausen, you should visit the information board at the edge of the quarry above the parking lot (approx. 500 m).

A visit to the game reserve requires some practice.  The effort is rewarded: you will meet tame fallow deer and wild boar, which live in their natural environment on approx. 22 ha (approx. 5.5 km). After a short rest it is not far to the Bismarck tower, which offers visitors one of the most beautiful views over the Leine valley (opening hours Sat., Sun. and on holidays from 11:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.) (approx. 8.5 km).

The urban forest offers relaxation and recreation. Here you may relax from everyday life. Nature conservation will not and should not diminish your enjoyment of the Göttingen Forest.  If you follow our requests and recommendations, you can enjoy nature and protect it at the same time:

  • Whether you are running, hiking, biking or horseback riding: Please stay on the fixed paths
  • Since your dog does not know how to behave towards wildlife, please keep him on a leash
  • Please do not leave „civilization tracks“ behind: Bottles, cans and paper are a nuisance to humans and endanger wildlife.
  • Please do not pick plants or take animals. Instead, take photos from the trail. This will help you preserve your memories much more permanently.
  • The building of campfires is not permitted

Botanical Gardens:

Old Botanical Garden Entrances: Weender Straße (next to Auditorium Maximum), Untere Karspüle 1 and Wilhelm Weber Straße
New Botanical Garden Grisebachstr. 1a
Forest Botanical Garden Büsgenweg 2 www.uni-goettingen.de 

General map of the city forest:

Sports, leisure and wellness

Göttingen is a city active in sports. Here you can find information about sports and wellness, about the numerous sports facilities and the more than 100 sports clubs in Göttingen.

Swimming pools:

Badeparadies Eiswiese Windausweg 6 www.badeparadies.deFreibad am Brauweg Brauweg 60  www.goesf.de
Freibad Weende Am Weendespring 1 www.goesf.deLuisenhaller Badehaus Greitweg 48 www.luisenhaller-badehaus.de
Naturerlebnisbad Grone Greitweg


Narawan Traditionelle Thaimassage Düstere Strasse 10 www.narawan.dePhysiotherapiepraxis Andreas John Weender Landstraße 6 www.physiotherapiejohn.de
Physi-Point Weende Schlagenweg 3 B www.physio-point-ween.deSumalai Thai Massage Weender Landstraße 66 www.sumalai-thaimassage.de
Vital Spa Dransfelder Str. 3 www.vitalspa.deSauna im Sportzentrum Sprangerweg Sprangerweg 2 www.hochschulsport.uni-goettingen.de
Eden Hotel Reinhäuser Landstr. 22a www.eden-hotel.de   

Sport & Fitness:

ASC Göttingen www.asc46.deFitness First www.fitnessfirst.de
California Fitness & Wellness  www.california-fitness-goettingen.deMcFit-Studio Göttingen www.mcfit.com
Feelgood Fitness www.feelgood-fitness.deStep by Step www.step-by-step-goettingen.de
Female Fitness www.female-fitness.deFemme vitale – Frauen in Bewegung www.femme-vitale-fitness.de
Roxx – Kletterzentrum am Spangerweg www.hochschulsport.uni-goettingen.deBowling Center Göttingen www.bowlingcentergoettingen.de

Libraries and archives:

City Archive Göttingen Hiroshimaplatz 4 www.stadtarchiv.goettingen.deFoyer of the SUB (Göttingen State & Univ. Library)
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 www.sub.uni-goettingen.de
University Archive Göttingen Papendiek 14 www.user.gwdg.de/~uniarch/  City Library Göttingen Thomas-Buergenthal-Haus, Gotmarstr. 8 www.stadtbibliothek.goettingen.de
Evangelical Lutheran Church Book Office and Church District Archives
Groner-Tor-Str. 30 a www.archiv-und-buchamt.wir-e.de

Doctors & Hospitals:

Evangelical hospital Weende
An der Lutter 24, 37075 Göttingen
Telefon (0551) 5034-0
Fax (0551) 5034-1514
Mail: kontakt@ekweende.de
Humboldtallee 8 , 37073 Göttingen
Telefon:  (0551) 494-0
Evangelical hospital Weende, Location Neu-Mariahilf
Waldweg 9, 37073 Göttingen
Telefon (0551) 5034-0
Fax (0551) 5034-1514
Mail: kontakt@ekweende.de 
University Medical Center Göttingen, Georg-August-University
Robert-Koch-Straße 40
37075 Göttingen
Telefon: (0551) 39-0
General practitioner Practice Grone Süd Dr.med. Christian Schleser Deisterstr. 3, 37081 Göttingen Telefon:0551 96059 Fax:0551 96069Practice for internal medicine with primary care in Göttingen
Münchhausenstraße 41, 37085 Göttingen Telefon:0551/44091 Fax:0551/41649 Email: praxis@praxis-fomina.de www.praxis-fomina-goettingen.de
MVZ Herz- und Gefäßzentrum HGZ-Göttingen am Krankenhaus Neu Bethlehem Humboldtallee 6, 37073 Göttingen Telefon:0551/488700Praxis Dr.med. Kay Jacobsen Facharzt für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie Bahnhofsallee 1 d, 37081 Göttingen Telefon: 0551/49248201 Fax: 0551/49248204


Marien Pharmacies Groner-Tor-Straße 25 0551 547890LINDA – City Pharmacy  Göttingen Groner Straße 23 0551 41488
Pharmacy Dr. Anschütz in Geismar Hauptstraße 23A 0551 500780Pharmacy B27 An der Lutter 22 0551 5042040
LINDA – Hubertus Pharmacy Kurze-Geismar-Straße 32 0551 5315490Adler Pharmacy Königsallee 66 0551 65021

Cab company:

Hallo Taxi Ernst-Ruhstrat-Straße 3 0551 34034Taxi-Zentrale Bovenden Stresemannstraße 25 0551 9997799
Taxi 65000 Levinstraße 3 0551 65000Puk Minicar GmbH Groner-Tor-Straße 1 0551 484848
Taxi-Göttingen Ernst-Ruhstrat-Straße 3 0551 69300Mein Taxi Zentrale Elisabeth-Heimpel-Weg 33 0551 9996077

Bike rental:

Filiale Radelaktiv Süd Geismar Landstraße 65 Tel 055140137297 37083 Göttingen email: webmaster@radelaktiv.demarcobike. am Bahnhof   Tel: 0551 – 791010 marcobikes in Geismar    Tel: 0551 – 7907247
Call a Bike – directly at the train station Göttingen Borrowing by phone or by app   1. call the phone number outlined in red on the lock cover or use the free Call a Bike app. 2. you will receive a 4-digit opening code. 3. open the lock cover, tap the lock display and enter the code. 4. The lock unlocks and you can start cycling..Bike-Doc, Jörg Bode Fahrradhandel Petrikirchstr. 18 / Ecke Hennebergstr. 37077 Göttingen Fon: 0551 – 20013848 Mobil: 0171 – 7924928 eMail: komm@fahrrad-doc.de

Route network map:

For your first overview, you can find a map of the city of Göttingen here. For a more detailed search, use the online information at: https://netz.goevb.de/#footer=journey_planner%2Frequest